Thursday, March 3, 2011

Leaf Nation Rising

As the Toronto Maple Leafs flirt with the last playoff spot in the east, it would seem as though Leaf Nation is rising. I've begun receiving frequent arrogant excited texts from my Leaf fan friend, which I don't begrudge him as an openly arrogant Red Wings fan. Even if I grew up as a Red Wings fan in Ontario back during the heady days of the Norris division and a heated rivalry, I have to concede that it is better for the business of hockey to have the Maple Leafs as a competitive franchise. It pains me to admit it, but they do have the largest fan base in the least until we put two more teams in southern Ontario...

This will turn out to be an interesting playoff race. If the Leafs fall 1 point short, will Leaf Nation start complaining that Burke did not any new pieces at the deadline? Time will tell.


  1. As I recall, the stories back in late September and October regarding the Leafs were they were a bubble team (at best!). And look what is happening, they have a little streak going, come within striking distance of the last playoff spot.

    I'm sticking with the original stories drawn up 6 months ago. The Leafs are a fragile, rebuilding team that should be very, very luck to get to the playoffs this year.

  2. You have to like what Burke is doing. It's like watching a chess grand master at work, every move building towards a Stanley Cup contending team.

  3. My friend did advise me that if I make my blog more pro-Leaf, it could go viral quickly. It feels like I'd be selling out. I bleed Detroit red, from back in the day. Should I become a Leaf fan to advance my sports blogging career?

  4. You can still be a Detroit fan and have a pro-Leaf blog.