Saturday, March 12, 2011

Leafs Staying Alive

Saturday was a big win for the Toronto Maple Leafs, defeating the Buffalo Sabres, a team they are chasing for a playoff spot. Those are must win games in a playoff race, and the Leafs won in dramatic fashion. A great game by rookie gatekeeper James Reimer combined with big 3rd period goals from Kessel and Grabovski produced an electric atmosphere. When the cameras focused in on Toronto fans, they were jacked up. Leaf Nation is starting to get excited, even if they retain cautious optimism due to a prolonged playoff drought. It is good for hockey to have Leaf Nation engaged. Toronto was clearly the better team in the game, as the Sabres looked lethargic. That team might not be as good as I thought were. They miss Derek Roy, and Tyler Myers is overrated.

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