Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Winnipeg Jets Flying Home?

The financial situation in Phoenix is deteriorating, and rumour has it that there's a really strong chance that the Phoenix Jets may soon be flying back to their rightful home. While southern Ontario is unquestionably a larger market, Winnipeg is not infringing on another team's territorial rights. Bettman is far more likely to approve a deal to Manitoba, even if it is not the most profitable market. What has become increasingly clear is that the NHL cannot sustain itself in Glendale. Millions of dollars of tax local tax payers money is being spent by city council to keep the dying franchise in its current home, and that cannot sustain itself long-term because not enough people in the area even care about hockey.

This franchise should never have left Winnipeg, and they have since built a new barn, so lets put this team where it belongs.

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