Tuesday, April 19, 2011

2011 NHL Playoffs: Day 7

The 7th day of the 2011 NHL playoffs brought an incredible come from behind win for the San Jose Sharks. This was a giant win for the Sharks in dramatic overtime fashion, and made me feel better about myself for picking this team to advance to the conference finals. I was starting to question my judgement, and could not understand how LA was dominated as they did for 4 periods. Across the continent, Chicago finally won a game and were pretty jacked up for this elimination contest.

San Jose beats Los Angeles: This was a great game, though I missed most of the comeback. When the Kings went up 4-0, I thought the game was over and changed the channel to Greatest Tank Battles on Nat Geo. When I flipped back, the game was tied 5-5. The Sharks dominated the 3rd and won the game shortly into overtime with some Devin Setoguchi heroics. (SJ leads series 2-1)

Chicago beats Vancouver: It is nice that the Hawks got to feel good about themselves before being eliminated. This series was not destined to be a sweep and Chicago played a strong game while Luongo did not. (Van leads series 3-1)

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