Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Courage Under Pressure, NHL Playoffs: Day 14

Alex Burrows is the hero of the 1st round for the Vancouver Canucks, as the team avoided a catastrophic loss to the Hawks to advance to the next round.

Vancouver eliminates Chicago: What a magnificent game! The Canucks got it done and it was very entertaining hockey. Luongo was fired up and played a strong game, while the Canucks dominated the contest. They will beat Nashville. (Van wins series 4-3)

Philly eliminates Buffalo: They are who we thought they were, at least who I thought they were; my friend who loaded up on Sabres despite my prediction was not so lucky. His reasoning, Buffalo kept Toronto out of the playoffs, ergo they must win the 1st round series. Flawed logic, but it was close. (Phi wins series 4-3)

Montreal beats Boston: Carey Price won a game in Montreal, well done. The Lucic hit was clean, and I don't know who will win game 7. (series tied 3-3)

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