Monday, April 25, 2011

Shark Attack, NHL Playoffs: Day 13

There were two hockey games on Monday night, as San Jose eliminated Los Angeles and Tampa forced a game 7 against Pittsburgh. As we move on to game 7 in Vancouver, if the Canucks win they play Nashville, San Jose plays Detroit; and if the Hawks win, they play Detroit and San Jose plays Nashville. As a Wings fan, I'd rather see Detroit play Nashville.

San Jose eliminates LA: All's well that ends well. Should forget about the 5 terrible periods of hockey by Anti Niemi? At least we know that when they yank Niemi, Nittymaki plays well. The Sharks have a well balanced forward line-up that you really can't match lines against. I think this team will advance to the conference finals. (SJ wins series 4-2)

Tampa beats Pittsburgh: Okay, the Penguins are starting to look more like I expected them to. I put this series at about 50-50 before any games were played, but heading into game 7 I'm going to give the Lightning a 53-47 edge. I really haven't watched any of this series, so I do not have much of an opinion. (series tied 3-3)

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