Sunday, April 24, 2011

Refs Fly Like Hawks, NHL Playoffs: Day 12

On a night where the Nashville Predators closed out the Anaheim Mighty Ducks, Chicago benefited from friendly referees to steal game 6 from Vancouver. It was bordering on ridiculuous. David Bolland should have had 2-3 penalties, and the Canucks should ask the league to instruct their refs to watch Bolland's stick work after the play.

Chicago beats Vancouver: As a Red Wings fan, I would rather see Detroit play Nashville than San Jose. That being said, the referees were terrible and did everything they could to help the Hawks. Canucks fans are justified to be pissed off. The team played a great game, and should have had 8 more minutes of power play time. I'm not making any predictions for game 7. (series tied 3-3)

Nashville eliminates Anaheim: The Ducks season ended with the vertigo of Jonas Hiller. Ray Emery was nice, but he wasn't going to beat Pekka Rhinne in a 7 game series even with the best line in hockey. This was a good game for my playoff pool.(Nsh wins series 4-2)

Philly beats Buffalo: The Sabres have now lost Connelly and Pominville to injury as the Flyers forced a game 7. Advantage Philly. My friend who drafted 4 Sabres in his playoff pool despite my Philly prediction may owe me an apology. His theory was that Buffalo has to be great because they beat out the Maple Leafs for a playoff spot. Great logic bud... (series tied 3-3)

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