Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bono Hitchhiking In West Vancouver

U2's Bono was picked up hitchhiking on Tuesday in West Vancouver when he was caught in the rain, and this story has become somewhat of a sensation. He was picked up not far from where I live, on a street that I drive by daily, and yes these streets have names. He was picked up by none other than Edmonton Oiler player Gilbert Brule who formerly played for the Vancouver Giants. That's quite a coincidence considering Bono was going to be doing a show the next night in Edmonton. What is the probability that this mega super star would decide to hitchhike in a suburban neighbourhood (how far away could his limo have been), and the person who happened to pick him up would be a professional athlete who just happened to play for the top franchise in a city where the musician was doing a large concert the next night? I can't say with absolute certainty that this was "arranged" ahead of time, but the probability of this confluence of events is virtually impossible.

At the concert Bono did a whole bit about this guy who picked up a hitchhiker, and then said it was Gilbert Brule, and you could hear the response from the crowd was a mystified "oh wow, he's an Edmonton Oiler". It's all part of the show...

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