Thursday, June 2, 2011

Where's Patrice Bergeron's Suspension?

It is very disappointing that the NHL did not suspend or even fine Boston Bruins forward Patrice Bergeron for deliberately sticking his finger in Alex Burrows mouth in a scrum in game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals. Sure some people wanted Burrows to be suspended for gently biting down on that finger, but that offense would never had happened if not for Bergeron's premeditated act. Did Patrice wash his hands before placing a finger in another person's mouth? Unlikely, which put Burrows at risk for catching a virus. If an animal wrangler sticks his hand in an alligator's mouth and the gator clamps down, whose fault is it? Would anyone blame the alligator? I doubt it. This is no different.

All sarcasm aside, the point I'm trying to make is that Burrows most certainly did not deserve a suspension, which some people were demanding. Don't put your fingers in other people's mouths. That's really the moral of the story here. It was a very exciting game 1, which I was pleased to see the Canucks win in the dying seconds. When the home team wins game 1 of a Stanley Cup final, they win the series 86% of the time. This series is over. The Canucks will be your 2011 Stanley Cup champion.

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  1. UPDATE: The Vancouver Canucks did not win the Stanley Cup. To add insult to injury, fans trashed and burned downtown after the game leaving clouds of black smoke that was visible for miles. I'm jumping off the Canucks bandwagon. F**k it Vancouver, you can have your team back. I don't want to be a Canucks fan anymore.

    Let's go Red Wings!