Friday, May 27, 2011

NHL Stanley Cup Finals Scheduling Fiasco

The NHL Conference finals officially wraps up on Friday, and there will be a full 5 day break for both teams before the Stanley Cup finals. This caused quite a lot of stir in Vancouver talk radio Thursday, as an extended break has been decided upon by the NHL for television purposes. Meanwhile in 2009, the Detroit Red Wings only had 2 days off between their series with Chicago and the championship against Pittsburgh. According to sources, Ken Holland is still upset and that the Red Wings could very much have used more time off; and should have earned it by virtue of finishing off Chicago in 5 games. Yet in 2011, there will be 5 full days without any hockey for anyone to watch after Boston-Tampa goes 7 games, negating any advantage the Canucks should have had by virtue of winning their series in fewer games. To make matters worse, there is going to be 2 full days off between games 1 and 2.

There is no question that the finals should be starting sooner. Every day counts, and the Bruins/Lightning should have to pay a price for taking 7 games to finish their series.

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