Friday, July 1, 2011

Burke Visits Afghanistan On Free Agent Day 2011

I'm not about to criticize the Toronto Maple Leafs GM for visiting the troops in Afghanistan, though I would point out that the worst possible day to do it is on the opening day of NHL free agency. Over 50 free agents were signed to over half a billion dollars, but 0 transactions by Toronto. In fact they lost one player, power play spark plug Tim Brent. You can already hear the anger from Leaf nation starting to boil, and unless Burkie makes a splash by signing an offer sheet to a big name restricted free agent like Stamkos, his free agent day absenteeism will not soon be forgotten. One of my Leaf fan friends is convinced that Burke is now willing to sign RFA's to offer sheets, ironic considering the verbal assault he launched at Kevin Lowe for offering Dustin Penner a very fair contract (even if 15% overpriced).

What are the Leafs going to do? They made a pitch to Brad Richards, and that would significantly improve their chances at making the playoffs. Far be it from me to make any predictions. I leave that business to Bob MacKenzie. He's my hockey rumour Yoda. We'll see what happens...

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  1. The rumour that Burke was in Afghanistan on Free Agent day to impress Brad Richards who has family serving dosn't work out. Richards signs in the Big Apple.