Saturday, July 2, 2011

Toronto Signs Tim Connolly

The Toronto Maple Leafs signed center Tim Connolly today for 2 years at $4.75M per season. This player is very gifted offensively, despite frequent injuries. He has lost 190 games due to injury since the lockout in 2004/05. Last season he had 42 PTS in 68 games, he is 30 years old, and he is now making more money than market value dictates. When you compare him to players of a similar age and point production, his value is more in the $3.5M to $4M range. I'd much rather have Kunitz at $3.7M, Laich at $4.5M, Ryder at $3.5M, Gagne at $3.5M, Jokinen at $3M, or Umberger at $3.7M. Instead Connolly is now earning in the Gionta, Havlat, Plekanec, Pominville, Leino range; and I'm not convinced he's in that class (for that matter, I'm not convinced Leino and Pominville are in that class either). Without a doubt Connolly will provide offensive production when he's in the Leafs line-up, but they are paying a premium for a player who allegedly really wanted to play for Toronto.

His predisposition to injuries should have cost him some money, but it also explains why he only got 2 years. I'm willing to bet no teams were offering long term deals.

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  1. With Lombardi now joining the team, the Leafs had better make sure they have a strong brain doctor on standby...