Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jannik Hansen Locked Up For 3 Years

The Vancouver Canucks made a fantastic signing today, locking up one of their most under-appreciated players to a 3 year $4 million dollar contract. $1.3M per season for the next 3 years is a bargain for the feisty forechecker who played a key role in Vancouver's run to the Stanley Cup final. He may only have 65 PTS in 189 career games played, but he is one of the best defensive players in the league, very effective on the penalty kill. He was on the ice for an even strength goal against for every 35.68 minutes of ES ice time, which at 45 seconds per shift means he is scored on roughly once every 47 shifts (even strength). That puts him near the best in the league for that metric. He had 9 PTS in 25 playoff games while logging 16 valuable minutes per game.

Well done Mike Gillis. The Sturm contract was a bad decision, and the Ballard trade was one of the worst of the year. But this Hansen contract is something that Canucks fans can get excited about. I had him valued at $1.8M for his arbitration hearing (which now won't happen) based on market comparables, and getting him for $500K less is great for the team.

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