Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Brett Favre 2011 Comeback

Somebody needs to encourage Brett Favre to return to the NFL for at least one more season instead of retiring, so let me be the first. The NFL is a better place with Favre in it, and I want him to play at least 3 more years. Prove that the drama of the last few seasons was about more than just extending the consecutive games streak (which Peyton Manning has in his sights), but rather love of the game. Favre at his age is still more effective than half the QBs in the NFL, and his enthusiasm for the game is unmatched. He might not lead the Vikings to the Super Bowl, or any team to the Super Bowl for that matter, but how much better are the Arizona Cardinals with this sure fire hall of famer? Somehow I doubt that Brett would even be willing to come back and play on a shitty team, but it would be inspirational.

I don't even care that he texts pictures of his "junk" to team employees, I'm still a Favre fan. He just loves football that much...

*disclaimer* I may or may not have been emotionally traumatized when Barry Sanders retired just shy of the all-time rushing record.

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