Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dirty Hits In The NHL

Allow me as a hockey fan to express frustration at the extensive over-analysis of every single marginal hit in the NHL. Those of us who follow the hockey media on Twitter are aware that almost every night the commentary is dominated by debating which hits deserve a suspension. I'm not even opposed to suspensions for dangerous or reckless hits, I'm annoyed at how much each hit is being analyzed on the air. Many of us hockey fans want to know who is playing well, who looks out of shape, who is healthy, and other hockey news about the actual games beyond disciplinary measures. Please Bob MacKenzie, help me win my hockey pool, because right now all I'm getting from you are dissections of incidents that I'm not interested in.

Player safety is important and I am not trying to diminish the well being of players in any way, except to point out that it has reached a point where it has consumed the media.

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