Thursday, October 6, 2011

Kadri To Be Traded For Spezza?

Today on Twitter Barry MaGuire from TSN tweeted "Bozak, Gunnarson, and Kadri for Spezza". No doubt Leaf Nation lit up after seeing that rumour pop up on their computer screens. Ottawa originally wanted to draft Kadri until the Leafs selected him shortly before their pick, so in that sense it makes sense that Ottawa wants to acquire him. That being said, I have trouble believing that the Senators would trade such a dynamic offensive player to their most hated rival. There is no question that Ottawa has been desperately trying to find a buyer for Spezza's expensive contract, which is one of the worst contracts in hockey. The majority of teams aren't interested in spending $7M per year for a player who had 57 PTS last season in 62 GP.

So while this contract is an albatross that the Sens are trying to sell, they will make Toronto overpay for the player if any trade is made. Spezza's high end upside is in the 90 point range, and that organization and fan base do not want to get burned be the Leafs. Spezza's high end production days may be behind him, but I still don't see him wearing a Leafs jersey.

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