Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tim Connolly Starts Season On Injured Reserve

Allow me to express my shock and awe that the Toronto Maple Leafs new #1 center and free agent saviour Tim Connolly will start the season on injured reserve. Connolly is no stranger to injury, but what makes this one so strange is that he wiped out in practice! That is just too funny, and a great way to start the Connolly era in Leaf Nation. Perhaps we should all start calling him TIMMY like the handicapped kid in South Park? He is a talented player and nobody questions his skill with the hockey puck; but what can be questioned is his ability to stay healthy.

Do you really want a hypochondriac as your #1 center? Steve Simmons asked on Twitter, over/under 68 games. It would probably be smart to take the under.

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