Sunday, November 20, 2011

Vancouver Sportstalk Radio Has A Problem

TSN Radio cannot come fast enough to Vancouver. Despite having two radio stations dedicated to sports (run by the same company), I'm driving home from work on a Saturday night and both stations are 100% dedicated to NCAA football. This being the biggest night in the NHL, they don't have a hockey show when the Canucks don't play. Hockey is far more popular that American college football in this market, so not having a hockey show when it matters most exposes a structural problem in TEAM 1040 and 1410 programming. Since they don't have a non-Canuck hockey show, they both revert to ESPN programming which doesn't care for hockey and loves college football. There might be some college fans, but give them one station, not both.

Look, the Team 1040 has a giant hole in their roster without David Pratt, and they have done nothing to replace him. B-Mac and Taylor suck. They spend a lot of time laughing at each other, and I spend no time laughing with them. The fact that I can't get hockey talk from either of these stations at the end of the games on a f**king Saturday night is a serious problem. Even if the Canucks play, they'll spend more time debating the 7th defenseman than talking about the rest of the NHL.

Please TSN, come to Vancouver. I can't be the only one eagerly anticipating your arrival.