Monday, November 21, 2011

Sidsational! Welcome Back Crosby

You don't need to be a Pittsburgh Penguins fan to be excited about Sidney Crosby's return from a concussion, and he was worth the wait with 4 points in his 1st game in over 10 months. The game of hockey is better with Sid on the ice and all hockey fans need to celebrate his return. By the way, I would support the NHL adding a rule that any player who injures Sidney Crosby faces a lifetime ban. David Steckel should be stocking grocery shelves right now, Victor Headman I'll cut some slack because Crosby arguably should not have been playing in that game. If they added a rule making it illegal to touch Crosby, I'd be cool with that too, and I'm a Red Wings fan.

Crosby's 4 pts in 1 game pretty much picks up where he left off. Many forget that when Crosby went down last year, he was scoring at a phenomenal rate. Perhaps the big question is where Sid will finish in scoring. He's 25 pts off the scoring lead with 60 games to play. If he can get 4 pts every game then he'd finish comfortably over 200 pts, but 80-90 pts is a much more reasonable expectation. He should at least be able to catch Ovechkin, which would be awesome.

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