Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Is Wayne Gretzky Going To Buy The Toronto Maple Leafs?

Rumours have now attached the name of Wayne Gretzky to the sale of the Toronto Maple Leafs, which made some news headlines in Canada. A group looking to buy the Maple Leafs reportedly contacted Gretzky about joining their consortium, Wayne reportedly said no. It was then leaked to the media that Wayne Gretzky was involved in talks to buy the Toronto Maple Leafs. Technically it's true, but the headline is very easy for a Leaf fan to see and misconstrue. Is Wayne Gretzky going to buy the Toronto Maple Leafs? By golly I hope so, and I'm no Leafs fan. Marty McSorley could be brought in as head coach, and why not make his agent director of scouting? Oh the places you'll go!

It's highly unlikely that Wayne has the personal wealth to purchase a major share of the most valuable franchise in the NHL, so his involvement would be mostly ceremonial. He's also coming off a very negative ownership experience in Phoenix, so it's unlikely that he is eager to get back into the owner's box anytime soon. I'm sure that hasn't stopped some Leaf fans for dreaming dreams of the Great One blessing the blue and white...

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