Thursday, November 24, 2011

Kevin Smith Gets Hurt, Again

In week 11 of the 2011 NFL season, Kevin Smith returned from obscurity to score 3 touchdowns and over 200 total yards in a win over Carolina (who has the worst run defense in the league). As the Detroit Lions are my favourite team, I'm well aware of Kevin Smith. Watching the start of the Lions-Packers I tweeted:

"Wow, Kevin Smith's ACLs look as good as new. This is not the same guy I used to know. Did they install titanium parts into his body?"

Then 20 minutes later I tweeted:

"Kevin Smith carted off with leg injury. Please disregard my last Tweet."

Oh what a cruel fate for a fan base so thirsty for success. Initial reports say high ankle sprain, which could keep him on the sidelines for significant time. Shame on any of us who saw that once in a lifetime performance and believed this guy would be any different from the man he used to be. Though I gotta say I'm a little bit shocked to see he's only 24. As a Detroit Lions fan, it feels to me like Kevin Smith is about 35 years old, but then again, that 0-16 year felt like 8 years.

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