Thursday, November 24, 2011

Who Is The Oldest NFL Running Back To Run For 2000 Yards?

Question; who is the oldest running back to ever rush for 2000 yards in the NFL? The answer accomplished this feat at 29 years old, the next closest two were 26. So who was the old guy to surpass this milestone? None other than Barry Sanders, who ran for 2,053 yards at the age of 29 in 1997, one year before he retired less than 1,500 yards away from Walter Peyton's all-time record. Emmitt Smith chose to hang on and took the record after Barry retired. Smith has 3,083 more yards than Sanders, but Emmitt finished with 1,400 more carries.

Runners Up:

Terrell Davis, Denver Broncos, 2,008 yards at age 26
OJ Simpson, Buffalo Bills, 2,003 yards at age 26

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