Thursday, December 22, 2011

Canucks Defeat Leafs, Red Wings As Team Heats Up

Don't look now, but after a mediocre start that saw the team sitting outside of a playoff spot for the first month + of the season, the Vancouver Canucks are quickly regaining their spot as one of the best teams in hockey. Tonight they soundly defeated the Detroit Red Wings, who have been one of the best teams in the league thus far. Beating the Maple Leafs on Saturday was a less impressive accomplishment, but still a punch in the face for Leaf fans. The much hated Alex Burrows scored the game winning goals in both victories. This pundit has a higher opinion of Alexandre than most of my contemporaries. Roberto Luongo made 38 saves against the Wings, and 26 against the Leafs, as the winning goaltender in both contests.

That should quiet the Luongo detractors for the time being, as his GAA has shrunk from over 3 to 2.46 since coming back from injury. Cory Schneider's seat on the bench has been re-established, and order has been restored in Vancouver. The Canucks will almost certainly cruise into the playoffs as the Sedin BROTHERS continue another Hart Trophy calibre season. Canucks fans still calling them the sisters do not appreciate how lucky they are to have the opportunity to watch this talented duo on a nightly basis. Those idiots shouldn't call themselves fans. I'm a Red Wings fan, and even when I'm disappointed, I don't call local talk radio claiming their players have female genitalia. That's bad karma.

The Canucks will make the playoffs and once again lose in magnificent fashion.

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