Monday, December 19, 2011

The Golf World Mourns The Loss Of Kim Jong Il

When I heard the news that Kim Jong Il had died, my first thought was what a terrible loss this was for the world of golf. We are talking about the greatest golfer of all-time, hands down, as he famously once hit 11 aces in a single round. Unquestionably the greatest golfer never to win a major championship, and we were robbed of this talent before we ever got to see it. Shame. Sure he might have been a brutal dictator whose reign of terror saw millions of people die of starvation, but sometimes you need to forgive people of their transgressions after death and appreciate what they brought to the world. Kim Jon Il brought holes in one, more holes in one than any living human being. If only the Guinness Book had been there to record any one of his spectacular rounds of golf.

We may never again see a human being shoot a 38 over 18 holes of par 72 golf. Granted, we never did see these accomplishments, but they were reported on the North Korean news, so I believe it. Why would he lie?

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