Sunday, December 18, 2011

While 1972 Miami Dolphins Rejoice, 2008 Detroit Lions Sombre

Two things happened today, the Kansas City Chiefs ended the Green Bay Packers undefeated season, while the Indianapolis Colts won their first game to snap their winless season. The 1972 Dolphins rejoiced as they remain the only team in history to go an entire season without losing. The 2008 Lions however are the only team to go an entire season without winning, a club I'm sure they'd like to have more memberships. Nobody wants to be alone as the only winless team in history. Two teams at opposite ends of history cheering for different results. Every year those 72 Dolphins cheer for the last undefeated to lose a game, while the 08 Lions should be cheering for the last winless team not to win. Today, the Packers and Colts ensured that both teams will remain alone in their places in history for at least another season.

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