Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Doctor Mark Recchi

Some techie out there sure has a sense of humour. When Henrik Sedin passed Mark Recchi on the list of all-time NHL iron man streaks, a graphic appeared on the television screen that identified him as "Doctor" Mark Recchi, which was no accident. That was a sarcastic moniker applied to Recchi last season when he disputed the seriousness of Max Paccorietty's injuries inflicted by his teammate Zdeno Chara. The fact that the nickname was shown during a Canucks broadcast is not only hilarious, it is awesome! It might diminish the significance and difficulty of playing 570 consecutive games, but here's to hoping the guy who did this not only keeps his job, that he's encouraged to do similar gags in the future.

By the way, it is unlikely that either Henrik or Jay Bouwmeester will pass Doug Jarvis. Jay-Bo being 3 years younger has a better chance. The Jarvis record is actually quite remarkable when you crunch the numbers, arguably more impressive than Cal Ripken given the amount of physical punishment sustained by the athletes (which leads to shorter careers for hockey players).

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