Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ovechkin Better When Crosby Is Healthy?

Over the last 3 NHL seasons, Alex Ovechkin has scored 164 points in 127 games when Sidney Crosby is healthy, and 91 PTS in 96 GP when Crosby has been injured. Over an 82 GP average, that is 106 PTS when his top rival is healthy and 77 PTS when Sid is out. Ovechkin is a different player when Crosby is playing in the NHL, and when Crosby is hurt, Ovie's production diminishes. Is this a fluke/coincidence, or should Ovechkin be standing in Crosby's living room saying "you complete me"?

During Crosby's latest stint on injured reserve, a friend and I noted that Ovechkin seemed sad when out on the ice, but since Sid returned a few weeks ago, the fire is back in his eyes. He's excited again. This is a statistic that should be charted in the future, but since the NHL is a better place with a healthy Crosby, let's hope going forward that we don't have two significant sample sizes to compare.

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