Thursday, January 2, 2014

14 Sports Predictions For 2014

It has become tradition at the Slatekeeper sports blog to make a number of predictions at the beginning of every year. Each prediction has to come true in the next 365 days, by Jan 1st 2015. To view the 2013 predictions by myself and my buddy, click here.

My predictions

1. Tiger wins a major

2. Patriots win their division (next season)

3. Canada will not reach double digit gold medals in Sochi
4. The Phoenix Coyotes will finish dead last in NHL attendance

5. Blue Jays will finish under .500

6. San Fransisco wins the Super Bowl (this season) wrong

7. Pittsburgh wins the Stanley Cup (this season) wrong

8. Manny Paquiao fights and beats Floyd Mayweather

9. Sidney Crosby outscores all NHL players over the next 365 days

10. Duncan Keith wins the Norris Trophy (happened)

11. Drew Brees will lead the NFL in passing yards

12. Tim Tebow will play at least 1 NFL game

13. A fighter dies in a Mixed Martial Arts match (including if the fighter dies of his injury in the hospital after the fight)

14. Germany wins the World Cup of Soccer

My Buddy's Predictions

1. The Luongo era ends in Vancouver (buyout or trade) (happened)

2. Liverpool FC make a return to champions league

3. Alex anthopolis loses his job in the next 365 days.

4. Canada does not win gold at Sochi Olympics in men's hockey wrong

5. Tiger does not win a major.

6. At least 2 major sport athletes end up in murder/suicide scandal/lawsuit (Hernandez and Pistorious don't count because they have already been charged)

7. The raptors are bad at being bad and end up without lottery pick in upcoming NBA draft.

8. Toronto FC has a better record than Vancouver Whitecaps over the next 365 days

9. Seahawks win Super Bowl  (this season) happened

10. Eastern conference team (not located in Pittsburgh) wins Stanley cup (wrong)

11. Milos Raonic cracks top 8 in world ATP rankings (prediction too easy, Raonic ranked 9th at start of the year).

12. Expansion announcement from NHL in next 365 days

13. Johnny Hendricks wins UFC welterweight title in next 365 days (happened, but too easy)

14. Spain wins World Cup of Soccer.  wrong

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