Thursday, June 22, 2017

Los Angeles Kings 10 Best/Worst Contracts of Salary Cap Era

Here are the 10 best worst non-entry level contracts signed by the LA Kings (and mostly by Dean Lombardi) since the NHL had a salary cap. This is a two-time Stanley Cup winning team so extra consideration is given for championship contracts. Conversely, Cup winning contracts are not eligible for the worst list.


1- Drew Doughty, Sep 30 2011, 8 years $56M:LA tried to play hardball and get Doughty to sign a smaller contract. Truth of the matter is he’s worth whatever you pay him. They won 2 Stanley Cups and got a Norris trophy on this contract that’s not even over yet.

2- Anze Kopitar, Oct 11 2008, 7 years $47.6M: This contract produced a Selke trophy, 2 Stanley Cups, and 45 playoff PTS in those two championship seasons. Enough said.

3- Jonathan Quick, Oct 23 2009, 3 years $5.4M: He won a Stanley Cup and was the playoff MVP. Bargain.

4- Justin Williams, Feb 27 2011, 4 years $14.6M: They won 2 Stanley Cups where he scored 19 playoff goals on of this contract. Do his regular season stats even matter?

5- Dustin Brown, Oct 26 2007, 6 years $19M: They won 2 Stanley Cups where he scored 14 playoff goals on of this contract. Do his regular season stats even matter?

6- Jake Muzzin, Oct 16 2014, 5 years $20M: When Muzzin signed this deal, he was 25 years old coming off 40 regular season PTS, 12 playoff PTS and a Stanley Cup. The fact that LA got him to sign for 5 years at this price is a bit remarkable.

7- Jonathan Quick, Jun 28 2012, 10 years $58M: That’s a pretty good price for a goalie who had just won the playoff MVP. They won another Stanley Cup on this contract too.  Even if his skills start to erode in the back half of the contract and he starts to wear down, they have already received good value for their money.

8- Jake Muzzin, July 12 2013, 2 years $2M: He played a meaningful role in a Stanley Cup win for a bargain price.

9- Alexander Frolov, Aug 12 2005, 5 years $14.5M: Signed by Dave Taylor. You’d be forgiven if you had forgotten that Alex Frolov scored 302 PTS in 380 GP for LA on this contract.

10- Mike Cammalleri, Aug 7 2007, 2 years $6.7M:  No Stanley Cups but that’s a fantastic price on 129 PTS in 144 GP.

Honourable Mention:

*- Willie Mitchell, Aug 25 2010, 2 years $7M: He helped them win a Stanley cup in 2012. He signed another identical contract after this one and won another Stanley Cup, which we’ll say is tied with this one on the all-time list.

WORST (ordered by total $ spent)

1- Anze Kopitar, Jan 16 2016, 8 years $80M: If you’re making a list why Dean Lombardi got fired, you might want to add this contract to the list. Kopitar’s production plummeted in year 1. He’s still young that he can bounce back and be great again, but there is reason to be worried. $10M AAV is a lot.

2- Dustin Brown, July 18 2013, 8 years $47M: By the end of his last contract his production had declined by half. That’s a lot to pay for a 30-point player. He’s got a lot of hard miles on the odometer. At the right price, he can still make a decent contribution. This isn't it.

3- Marian Gaborik, June 26 2014, 7 years $34M: Signed by Dean Lombardi. It’s an enormous risk signing a 32-year-old player to a 7-year contract, especially one with an injury history. Gaborik’s production has plummeted since winning this Cup in 2014.

4- Michal Handzus, July 2 2007, 4 years $16M: With cap inflation, this is $5.8M AAV in 2017 numbers. That’s way too much for a 40-point player.

5- Tom Preissing, July 2 2007, 4 years $11M: By year 2 of this contract he was playing in the AHL.

6- Patrick O’Sullivan, Oct 7 2008, 3 years $8.7M: He went from 53 PTS (last year entry level) to 43 PTS year one to 34 PTS to bought out.

7- Mattias Norstrom, March 6 2006, 2 years $8.5M: In year one of this contract his point production dropped by more than half, scoring 11 PTS in 76 GP with a -18. The Kings were able to dump the contract on Dallas for a decent return before the bottom fell completely out.

8- Kyle Calder, July 3 2007, 2 years $5.4M: I think they were planning for more than 47 PTS out of this contracts that was more like $4M AAV accounting for cap inflation.

9- Dan Cloutier, Sep 27 2006, 2 years $6M: He played more AHL than NHL games on this contract.

10- Alexei Ponikarovsky, July 27 2010, 1 year $3.2M: 15 PTS in 61 GP is not what you paid for.

Honourable Mention:

*- Teddy Purcell, July 1st 2016, 1 year $1.6M: He played more games in the AHL than NHL.

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